Prijavite se na fotonatječaj "KRIZA"

Prijavite se na fotonatječaj "KRIZA"

Fotoklub Split is organizing a photography festival “Split Format” (27 November – 13 December 2023) after a three-year break, and this year’s festival theme is CRISIS (German Krise < Latin crisis: judgment < Greek ϰρίσıς: decision).

“When we talk about a crisis, we usually understand it as a deep disturbance in the life of an individual or society, with strong and more or less severe consequences, or as a transitory difficult situation (social crisis, political crisis, economic crisis). In the view of the fact that the “Split Format” festival has been on hiatus for the past few years, one would suspect that this is a consequence of the so-called “corona crisis” – and they would be right.

As the health situation in the whole world developed, it also affected cultural events, their organization as well as their financing.

One crisis led to another, and in addition to the fact that our health and socialization were threatened by these crises, peaceful relations between countries have also reached a critical state.

The state of war incited new migrations, and today there are people who seek refuge in Split, a city that already has a bad reputation as a city where it is impossible to find housing, as a result of overpopulation and gentrification.

Yet another crisis on the horizon.

Let’s also remember the sudden increase in the price of fuel and basic foodstuffs, inflation, currency changes, the rise of the already unimaginably high prices of real estate…

It is clear that every pore of society is disturbed and affected by instability. In this web of chaos and fear, we find humans: fragile, tiny, already destined for an identity crisis, a midlife crisis or some other personal crisis. It seems that we are on the multi-layered karmic impact of our own postmodernist evolution, and the universality of this year’s theme “Split Format” (CRISIS) opens the door for different interpretations of this ocean of challenges facing humanity. In the Chinese language, a crisis is represented by two symbols (Wei Ji 危圳), one of which denotes ‘danger’, and the other ‘opportunity, turning point’. In times like these especially, art represents an important path by which we reach personal and social betterment. It is art that reminds us that we are not alone and that we share this universal human experience, and through art we channel deep feelings and process experiences, connect and ultimately create an impact on the entire society. That’s why we invite you to submit your works to the competition and present your own interpretation of this topic, which encompasses all spheres of social life, as well as your own, private one.” – Katarina Duplančić, mag. educ. hist. art.

The photography contest “CRISIS” is public and open to all professional and amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts from Croatia and abroad. All persons who have reached the age of 18 before the announcement of the competition can enter the competition. Access to the topic is free, with respect to the basic idea of the competition. Each artist can send an unlimited number of applications. Each submission must include 10 – 15 photos related to the topic of this year’s festival. A registration fee of €30 must be paid for each application. (Photo Club Split members: €25).

Photos must not be older than the year 2020. Photos can be sent in colour or black and white, but it is not allowed to insert the artist’s signature on the photos.

● Photos to be uploaded must be:
➔ maximum 3000 pix per longer side
➔ saved as JPEG at quality 10 (100%)
➔ without logo and frame
➔ lighter than 4MB

Payment information for Croatia:

Fotoklub Split, Marmontova 5, 21000 Split, Croatia
IBAN: HR5324070001100578753
Payment description: Support for Split Format 2023

Payment information for other countries:

Fotoklub Split, Marmontova 5, 21000 Split, Croatia
IBAN: HR5324070001100578753
BIC (Swift) code: OTPVHR2X
Payment description: Support for Split Format 2023

Bank: OTP banka d.d., Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split, Croatia


With his application, the photographer confirms that they are authorized to participate in the “CRISIS” contest and that they will respect the rules of the Contest and other rights related to the authorship and ownership of the submitted works, moral and copyright rights, the rights of the depicted persons, names, trademarks and other works of art in the picture, and that no additional conditions or permissions are required to publish these photos. With this participation, the photographer gives the organizers of the photography contest in question the irrevocable and unlimited right to use the submitted photos, without any compensation, for the purpose of promoting the Split Format festival and exhibitions related to the festival. With this, the photographer agrees to the time, space, dimension and quantity of unlimited exposure of their registered photos at the exhibition, reproduction of the exhibited photos for the purposes of marketing and promotions, discussions, publication on websites, press releases, specialized publications, social networks, and other media, in any electronic, print or other media for the purpose of promoting this competition and the organizers of the “CRISIS” competition. With this participation, the photographer confirms that the uploaded photos are not subject to the rights of third parties; in particular, that all persons shown agree to the aforementioned use and that the rights to protect the personal data of third parties are not thereby violated. All works published as part of the Contest must be free from third-party rights and other rights related to intellectual property, the right to privacy, the right to use a personal photo, etc. The Contest organizers are not responsible for any third-party claims related to the violation of such rights. The organizers are free, at their own discretion, to disqualify submitted works that could represent a violation of such rights and to prevent the participation of the photographer who sent these works.


The jury will award:

– one first prize in the monetary value of 500 euros

– one other prize in the monetary value of 300 euros

– one third prize in the monetary value of 200 euros

The winners of the festival will open Split Format 2023 with a joint photo exhibition.


By registering for the photography contest “CRISIS” and uploading photos, the artist gives consent to the organizers for the collection, processing and storage of personal data for the purpose of conducting the contest and organizing exhibitions. The data will be used to identify the photos and to inform of the results of the competition, the opening of the exhibition and the awards to the artists. The collected data will not be forwarded to third parties. Photos will be received between 2 and 15 November 2023.

More information on the jury and how to upload photos is coming soon.